Image by Anthony Tran via Unsplash

Ok fess up, how many times have you forgotten that the tooth fairy was supposed to come get your kid’s tooth only to wake up the next morning in a frenzy?

I think for us, between the two kids, it has been at least 2 dozen times if not more.  I think the worse case was when I forgot 3 days back to back.

Epic mom FAIL!

I felt so horrible but how can anyone blame us right?

After putting the kids to bed, there are still so many things left to do and by the end of the night, all you can think about is climbing into bed yourself and calling it a night.

So what happens the next morning when the kids realize the tooth fairy never came to get their tooth?

It’s time for mommy and daddy to think fast and come up with a believable explanation to give them.

I’ve collected some tooth fairy “bloopers” for everyone to enjoy, including some of my own.  Who knows, some on this list could be added to your arsenal for the next time you forget and need to quickly dodge the bullet.


“Oh maybe the tooth fairy got really busy last night and couldn’t make it”

or a similar version

“Too many kids lost their tooth last night and the tooth fairy didn’t have time to come get yours.  Let’s wait and see if she will come tonight”

“Your room was too messy the tooth fairy couldn’t make her way to your bed”

“You put your tooth on a different pillow from the one you were laying on so the tooth fairy probably got confused and couldn’t find your tooth”

One year, my husband types out a nice letter from the tooth fairy and signed it as Frances.  So now my daughter always refers to her tooth fairy as Frances. Most recently, she wrote a letter to Frances with her tooth, so of course I had to leave a letter behind.

The next morning, I asked her if the tooth fairy came and she tells me yes, but that it was Francine that left her a letter.

Oh my gosh, I thought it was Francine this whole time!! Whoops!  I had to quickly tell her that maybe she uses a nickname! Phew! So glad she didn’t question that.”

“The tooth fairy couldn’t find you because you weren’t sleeping in your bed”

“Maybe she went on vacation and forgot to tell the other tooth fairy to take over for her when she was gone”

“I’ve casually placed a dollar behind her bed the morning of and told my daughter she must have knocked it off her bed in her sleep”

“She doesn’t work on weekends”

“The tooth fairy was stuck on the east coast because of the hurricane”

“You have to get in line, she can only do so many houses a night.  Lots of kids with teeth to pick up”

“Her bag was probably too full and she would have to come back the next night”

One last story about my son where I for sure thought I was caught.

So as usual, I forgot to take his tooth and didn’t realize this until he climbed into my bed in the morning.  He didn’t say anything about the tooth fairy not coming so I thought maybe he forgot to check. I kept him distracted with his iPad and snuck off to take his tooth.

Later on, he excitedly runs to me and tells me the tooth fairy left him a dollar!  Then he follows it up with, “The tooth fairy just came”.  

I say to him, “What do you mean he just came”.  He answered, “Because I checked when I woke up and the tooth was still there and now it’s gone”.  


“Oh, ok maybe they do come in the mornings too”, I say.  I really had no reasonable explanation to give him.  Thank goodness he didn’t question it any further.

Tooth fairies are fun.  I personally never grew up with it but always encourage my kids to use their imagination to entertain themselves.

It’s all for fun and gives them something to look forward to.  One day they will no longer believe it in but until, then, we’ll all enjoy it.

One thing for sure.

The day they stop believing is the day they no longer get any money!  So I’m sure there are kids out there that still pretends to believe in the tooth fairy.

What are some of your near miss stories or cover ups that you have used?  Please share with the rest of us as I’m pretty certain we all will have more bullets to dodge in the future.