“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” ~ unknown

Wouldn’t it be great if things always went as planned and nothing unexpected happened in our day to day lives, especially when we have little kids in tow?  As you and I both know, that is hardly ever the case.

Life happens.  Life gets busy and when you come home from the hospital with your newborn child, life gets even busier. Big thanks to agencies like the Bethlehem Health Bureau who believes in helping new parents keep their kids safe.

The Bethlehem Health Bureau Highway Safety and Preparedness programs have teamed up to provide a Family Preparedness Kit to expectant parents and parents with newborns. This kit is provided to those families who requests for Bethlehem Health Bureau to safely install their newborns car seat by one of their nationally certified child passenger safety technicians.

The Family Preparedness Kit that is provided to the new parents includes: Flashlight, Emergency Window Punch, Cell Phone Charger, 2x Mylar Emergency Blanket, Infant First Aid Kit provided by PreparaKit, and Content Card with Uses.

How cool is that?  As a new mom, making sure our newborn is strapped into their car seats correctly is vital. And on top of that, to receive such handy tools to have on hand just in case is like an extra side bonus.

We appreciate agencies like Bethlehem Health Bureau and strive to promote a better and safer environment for our kids and community.  Learn more about Bethlehem Health Bureau’s services for their community here. We are honored and thankful for being included as a part of their Family Preparedness Kit.


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