Fun, Healthy Sport Snacks for Kids

Fun, Healthy Sport Snacks for Kids

Fun, Healthy Sport Snacks for Kids - PreparaMom

As moms, it’s our responsibility to instill healthy habits in our children. This includes getting physically active. A popular option is to get our kids playing sports.

Now when playing, sometimes you’re going to have to be prepared for little scrapes and minor injuries.

But you’re also going to have to be prepared to provide them with the food and snacks they need to fuel their activities.

Here are some of the best fun sports snacks that are also healthy for your child.



This is always a healthy option for your kids. You may need to get creative with your choices and you definitely want to offer some variety.  

Here’s some of the best options:

  • Orange slices — If your child is old enough to peel their own, then you can upgrade to clementines.
  • Apple slices — Just skip the high sugar caramel dips.
  • Applesauce squeezers — This is a great choice for families on the go.
  • Bananas — This is a great source of potassium that can be lost as you exercise leading to muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Raisins — There’s a reason this is called nature’s candy. A box of raisins is a quick hand-held snack to take with you.
  • Yogurt — Fruit flavored yogurt tubes are another portable healthy snack. 
  • Melons – Cut up honeydew and cantaloupe are refreshing options.Fun, Healthy Sport Snacks for Kids - PreparaMom



Protein snacks have become big lately in the stores. For adults, protein bars and shakes are good on-the-go snacks. But these aren’t really appropriate for kids. (Not to mention they’re usually full of artificial ingredients.)

Here are a few natural protein alternatives:

  • Cheese sticks—Kids love string cheese, but if you’re worried about fat content, opt for the 2% cheese instead.
  • Turkey and Chicken—Roll a slice of turkey or chicken around a cheese stick and you have the protein benefits of a sandwich without the carbs.
  • Salami sticks—You may have seen these at parties as an hors d’oeuvres. They are sticks of mozzarella wrapped in a piece of salami. You can now buy these in 2-packs for a quick snack.
  • Protein packs—Many companies are now selling “Lunchable” style protein snacks with cheese squares, meat, and nuts.
  • Peanut Butter—If your child doesn’t have a peanut allergy, this can be put on celery for a quick and healthy snack option.



One of the biggest tips I can give is to stay hydrated as much as possible. Give your child his or her own water bottle to fill and refill as they need it. Plain water is a healthy option that will keep them going. Don’t give sugary sodas or juices. Sports drinks in moderation for those days they’ve been playing all day in the heat to get an extra boost in between games.

Healthy Snacks Keeps Your Kids Prepared with Fuel for the Playing Field

Part of any athletic regimen is taking care of yourself so that you can perform on the court or field. By giving your kids these healthy snack options, you’ll give them that boost to keep playing their best.

Be Prepared for Healthy Sports All the Time!

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