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How to Handle a Kid’s Fever

How to Handle a Kid’s Fever

Tips for treating your child's fever

The winter has arrived and that means holidays, snow days, hot chocolate—and flu!

This is, of course, flu season and if you haven’t already gotten flu shots for yourself and your whole family, then you definitely need to take care of that ASAP.

But even with a flu shot, if your child is in a classroom of twenty students, think about that as a petri dish full of germs that are getting passed from one person to the next. Chances are they are going to get sick. (After all, the flu shot only takes care of certain strains of flu—not all of them.)


So if your little ones start complaining about chills and aches, here are a few things you can do to take care of their fever:


Be prepared for your kids fever

1. To cover or not to cover

One of the biggest misconceptions that comes with fever is that you should bundle up and sweat it out. This is not the best move to make.

First, you need to take your child’s temperature to make sure that they do, in fact, have a fever. But if they do, they may feel very cold and want to bundle as much as possible. Don’t!

This can actually make them overheat and sweat too much causing dehydration.

Your body’s chills and shivers is your system’s way of fighting off the infection. If you bundle up, you’re not letting your body do what it needs to do and the fever will just take longer to get over.

Then, cover them in a light to medium blanket. Be sure to change these blankets out regularly if they do start sweating as a sweaty blanket is just horrible to feel and can cause more shivering.

2. Stay hydrated

So, wrapping your child up has proven to be a fallacy. What about drinking lots of fluids? That one is right on the money.

You should definitely encourage your child to drink as much as possible. A fever will make you sweat, so drinking water will keep you from getting dehydrated, which will just add to the misery of the flu.

Give your child regular drinks of water and also mix in an occasional glass of orange juice as the Vitamin C will give them extra nutrients to fight the flu.

3. What about baths

Another common technique for dealing with fevers is to use cold baths to bring down the temperature.

This may be necessary for rapid cooling if the person is running a dangerously high temperature, it’s actually not a good idea for a standard fever. But you can help keep your kid comfortable with a lukewarm bath.

This will keep them warm and also help deal with the shivering. Just be sure to keep the bath no longer than 15 minutes or the water will get cold and that will defeat the purpose.

These tips for fever help you feel more prepared

No one likes having the flu, but it’s even tougher on moms who have to watch their child suffer, often with a feeling of helplessness. If you follow these tips, even though they may go against some things you’ve been told in the past, then you can help keep your little ones comfortable while their body fights off the fever.

Stay Prepared for Life’s Accidents

Bumps, bruises and owies – oh my! Parenthood is never boring. Be prepared with a first aid kit designed exclusively with you and your kids in mind.  Check out PreparaKit.com for kits and tools created for busy parents who want to be ready for the unexpected.


Signs You’re Both a Supermom AND An Okay Mom

Signs You’re Both a Supermom AND An Okay Mom

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of a Supermom is “an exemplary mother; also:  a woman who performs the traditional duties of housekeeping and child-rearing while also having a full-time job.

On the outside looking in, this mom appears to very well organized, crafty, resourceful, cooks, bakes, and still manages to somehow keep herself fit, well dressed and have a social calendar.  When you go over to her house, everything is neat and tidy. She tracks and manages all the household activities without a glitch.

She has her kids under control at all times.   Her kids get read to every night. She is very health conscious and makes sure her family eats well.  There are freshly cut fruits and baked snacks on the kitchen counter for afterschool snack. She is very involved at her kid’s school.

These are the moms you come across and ask yourself, “How the heck does she have time to do all of that?”

Now truly, has anyone really ever come across a mom like that… except in the movies?

I mean there are days I feel like I am supermom because I really do need to juggle everything  and all by myself because my husband is away from work for days at a time. And if you’re a single mom, you are hands down automatically a supermom.

But most days my kids are lucky if they have a hot meal on the table for dinner every night.

Let’s face it, us moms (and dads) have a lot on our plate, especially when you are juggling activities for more than 1 child.  Some days it feels like you can’t even keep your head on straight because you’re being pulled in all sorts of directions.

So I am going to take it one step further to redefine what a supermom is.  My new definition of a supermom is someone who manages to keep the household and family running smoothly, provides a positive environment for their kids to learn and grow and while also contributing to the household income one way or another.

So do Supermoms really exist?

I say Yes!

You’re a supermom if you accomplish any of the following:

  • Your kids are fed, even if it means eating leftovers for 2 days straight.
  • Your kids are clothed, even if it means they need to rewear their socks because you haven’t gotten around to doing the laundry yet
  • You look forward to being able to surprise your kids and see them jumping up and down in excitement when you tell them what you have planned for the weekend for them
  • You read to and with your kids regularly (not necessarily EVERY night)
  • You watch out for all aspects of their safety
  • You make sure things get done, even if it means delegating
  • You bake cupcakes for your kid to bring to school to share with their classmates, or rush out to the store to buy store bought ones. 🙂
  • You support and guide them to make good decisions
  • You teach them, one life lesson at a time

The truth is, we are all supermoms in our own ways.  We each have our own special powers. And it doesn’t mean we have to perform them all at once either.  We all have one main goal for our kids…that we raise them to grow up and live a happy and meaningful life.

We’ll all be taking different paths but at the end, we all want the same outcome.  If we accomplish that, we, as parents have done our jobs and will have really lived out our supermom ways.

Image by skeeze via Pixabay

Stay Prepared for Life’s Accidents

Bumps, bruises and owies – oh my! Parenthood is never boring. Be prepared with a first aid kit designed exclusively with you and your kids in mind.  Check out PreparaKit.com for kits and tools created for busy parents who want to be ready for the unexpected.