Happy Father’s Day to All the Hard Working Daddy’s

Happy Father’s Day to All the Hard Working Daddy’s

Happy Father’s Day to All the Hard Working Daddy’s - PreparaMom

Who would have thought that almost 15 years ago, after creating a Match.com profile, that I would meet the best husband and father to my kids a gal could ever ask for?

I mean, when you have a husband whose motto is, “Happy mama, happy life”, he’s gotta be a keeper right? 


I remember filling out my profile and putting in all the details of what I was looking for.

We still joke around to this day about how I only married him because he was 5’10”.  (For some reason, I always ended up being with the shorter guys in the past and I was beyond ready to be with a guy where I could wear heels if I wanted to!)


All jokes aside though, when you have a man in your life who:


–  Lives to make sure you and the kids are safe and taken care of first

–  Doesn’t mind letting you sleep in

–  Gives you a day off without the kids to relax when you need it

–  Helps to cook, clean AND take care of the kids even after a long shift at work

–  Supports you in all your crazy endeavors,

–  Loves teaching and spending time with the kids building things

–  Believes parenting is not just reserved for the “SAHM” or stay at home mom.  There is no “I’ve had a long day at work so now I’ll just plop down on the sofa and watch some tv while dinner is being cooked and after dinner, I’ll just take a nap while you bathe and put the kids to bed”.


To all the men who are ALL of this and more, Happy Father’s Day!!  

We love and appreciate all that you do for us! ?

And to all the women, husbands like this do exist!


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