Your Child’s Safety is Your #1 Priority! We Get It…  

This is Why We Created This Free Child Identification Record. 

We Want You To Be Prepared Even In the Worse Case Scenario!

According to the US Bureau of National Crime Information Center, 

A child becomes missing or abducted every 40 seconds. 

This Child Identification Record will guide you in gathering information and other needed items to aid Law Enforcement in locating your child in the event your child ever goes missing. 

This Child Identification will help you consolidate your 

Child’s Vital Information such as…

  • Name

  • Doctor & Dental Information

  • Schools

  • Fingerprints

  • DNA Collection

  • Any Much More…

Your Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Child Identification Record Card

  • 1 – Fingerprint Ink Strip

  • 1 – Resealable plastic pouch to store DNA Samples

  • 1 – Large resealable plastic pouch to keep everything together